Experience and Insight

Pilates Insight is a boutique studio that offers a truly personalised service. Each session is tailored to suit the individual’s unique needs and fitness levels.

Pilates Insight instructor Sharan combines her extensive experience in Pilates and other movement modalities to help you achieve your goals. She will teach you how to move your body with dynamic stability to minimise the stress on your spine and joints and maximise performance.

Sharan is passionate in the belief there is no limit to what the human body can achieve at any age. With an emphasis on fun and empowering you to enjoy an active lifestyle, Sharan strives to challenge your body and mind every session. As a result, she makes sure each session is different – and a little more challenging – than the last.

You can choose one-on-one tuition or small group sessions, both held on Pilates Insight’s state-of-the-art equipment.

Pilates Insight always keeps class sizes to a maximum of three people. That way, the instructor can adequately supervise each person to ensure proper technique.

Pilates Insight is part of the team of allied health practitioners at New Body Physiotherapy.

Sharan Simmons

Principal Pilates instructor

Sharan is a Principal Pilates instructor with over 13 years experience she holds an Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method and is Vice President of Pilates Alliance Australasia, the leading Pilates industry body.

First introduced to Pilates in the US more than 17 yrs ago, Sharan was drawn to the precision of the Pilates movements and their power to transform the body.

Sharan’s varied Pilates training and experience provide a broad background and a variety of approaches to deliver the most suitable training for your individual needs. She has been teaching Pilates for more than 13 years, having started teaching in Singapore and then establishing her own Pilates studio in Shanghai before returning to Sydney.

Fuelling her passion for learning and Pilates, Sharan continually seeks to expand her knowledge and understanding of Pilates and the body through workshops and training with renowned local and international Pilates experts. Sharan shares this passion with her clients and brings her insight and expertise to her Pilates sessions.

Sharan specialises in rehabilitation and each session incorporates the Pilates principles to foster a deep understanding of your body and enhance movement. Sharan utilises the Pilates Method to address the postural and muscular imbalances in your body and restore efficient movement patterns for optimal function.

Pilates has helped Sharan manage her rheumatoid arthritis for many years giving her a unique insight into the challenges of a chronic condition or injury. Let Sharan help you return to your best self.

“Pilates helps me feel centred and the importance of breath during each exercise gives a sense of calm and assists me to focus and be in the moment with my body. All of this is done with Sharan’s expert guidance and support. Sharan’s passion for Pilates is apparent in every session and I feel very blessed to have her as my instructor as she has enabled me to embrace anything active that I would like to do and to enjoy life!”Karin Thornton