How can Pilates help you?

Pilates is an effective exercise system for physical conditioning, cross training, injury rehabilitation and prevention. It was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and utilises body weight and spring driven equipment for resistance training.

Ongoing commitment to your weekly sessions will support a longevity lifestyle – one with a mindset towards prevention. It’s an investment in your health and wellbeing and it will save you thousands of dollars treating injuries and diseases that result from a lifetime of poor postural habits and hours sitting at your desk.

And as a bonus, it will be really fun and rewarding when you say goodbye to your pains and niggles to enjoy the variety and the challenge the Pilates repertoire has to offer.

Our experienced instructors will teach you how to move with dynamic stability utilising the correct muscles to minimise the stress on your spine and joints and maximise performance.

The Pilates method was designed to challenge the musculoskeletal system through postural changes in different planes of motion, similar to the way babies and children develop and mature their neuromuscular system and refine their motor skills, hence giving the body of a mature person with injuries and postural imbalances the opportunity to return to its “youthful” organic balance, and feel as fresh and sharp as it used to feel in their twenties.

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Benefits of Pilates

Change the shape of your body

Create flat abdominals

Stabilise your pelvis, spine and shoulders

Stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak ones

Increase muscle strength and flexibility

Improve posture and mobility

Create a strong and supple spine

Relieve back pain and prevent injury

Restore pelvic floor function

Heighten concentration and increase body awareness

Release stress and improve energy levels

Help you look and feel your best!

Our Services

A new life

Pilates for Rehabilitation

The beauty of Pilates is that each program can be adapted to suit individuals with a diversity of conditions such as orthopaedic injuries, chronic joint pain, spinal disease, post surgery and other neurological diseases.

Ours instructors can design a program and liaise with your health practitioner to increase your mobility, strength, quality of movement or just ensure a safe return to your daily activities.

Strengthen your core muscles and learn how to move your spine and joints with control and stability.

Our specialists draw from a wide variety of Pilates exercises and other movement modalities to tailor your program and facilitate your rehabilitation with functional and integrated movements.

Private sessions are the most appropriate way to start with your rehabilitation program. Your instructor will advise the best plan for you to maximise your results.

“I have been going to Pilates Insight twice a week for spinal rehabilitation after being involved in a cycling accident. I have noticed a significant improvement in all aspects of my body – improved flexibility of my neck and spine, a significantly better posture and the ability to become progressively more active. Just twelve months after the accident I was able to successfully complete the Spring Cycle 100 km event. I have also been able to enjoy a one month touring holiday in India.” John Whiteing
“I have been doing Pilates now for 8 years. Since starting Pilates I feel happier, mentally stronger and more confident in my body. Pilates helped me recover from neck pain and RSI due to my occupation, as well as whiplash. Regular Pilates sessions at Pilates Insight have helped me progressively increase the intensity in my workouts both at the studio and in the gym without flaring up my old injuries. I now enjoy the challenge of advanced repertoire that keeps me interested and motivated.”
Jonas Chow

Embrace an active life

Pilates supporting your lifestyle

If you are looking to stay active and fit and prefer to workout in a calm and nurturing environment, focusing on quality of movement over the “no pain-no gain” mindset, Pilates will be the perfect exercise for you.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise system that offers hundreds of exercises from basic to advanced level to spice up your life with variety and keep your brain engaged with the integration of movement and breath.

At PIlates Insight it is our goal to provide a positive exercise experience and support your ongoing commitment to your health and wellbeing. We will challenge your body and mind while boosting your confidence and your desire to move more.

Pilates works by increasing your core strength and stability, which is vital in preventing pain and injury. Pilates also improves your posture and increases your levels of energy and vitality.

Pilates can be easily modified to suit individual needs and fitness levels. So it’s perfect for men and women of any age.

To get started with your weekly sessions we will schedule at least 3 private sessions. Small-group sessions (up to three participants) offer close supervision to work with you at your individual level. Your instructor will advise the best plan for you to maximise your results.

Pilates is an important part of my physical well being. The biggest impact in my lifestyle has been understanding the mechanics of body movement and how my shoulders and neck were always tensing for movement. The awareness has helped me manage tension before it leads to chronic pain. Sharan keeps me focused and working towards my goal.Senior Executive
“I think that the most important thing for women in their 40’s like me is to prioritise time to exercise to stay active, boost our energy levels and just have fun!! I feel so at ease and comfortable in the Pilates session – it is a very happy, friendly and supportive environment and all efforts are appreciated, worked on and extended by Sharan.
Karin Thornton

Stay in the game

Pilates for Performance

If you want to stay in the game, there is no better exercise for cross-training than Pilates.

Our experienced Pilates instructors will help you improve performance and prevent injuries by demanding that you work symmetrically and by addressing common imbalances that result from your sporting activity.

As a result, you will improve power, coordination, control and movement efficiency.

Gain an edge, protect your joints, restore balance and prevent injuries that prevent you from being at your best in court, on the green or during your races.

To get started with your weekly sessions we will schedule at least 3 private sessions. Small-group sessions (up to three participants) offer close supervision to work with you at your individual level. Your instructor will advise the best plan for you to maximise your results.

Being a keen golfer who plays golf up to three times a week, I really enjoy how Pilates makes me feel stronger overall. Since starting Pilates several years ago, my handicap has come down and I feel that I hit the ball better. My body does not get affected by the same back issues that other women complain about. If I do experience any niggles whilst playing golf, or caring for my grandchildren, I know I can get past it quickly by working through it with regular Pilates.
Linka Stone
“Professionally, Pilates gives me a clear head and keeps me productive. With a busy corporate job, Pilates is an investment in my long term wellbeing. Personally, I have improved the way I move and am more aware of my bad habits. My Pilates sessions with Sharan have made me more aware of my body, both its strengths and weaknesses.”Executive - Private client