Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Live by Choice

You wellbeing can be highly affected by poor health and vice-versa. Wellbeing results from harmonising the different areas of your life and having your basic needs met in a positive way.

Some people feel like they have no control over their health and how they feel on a daily basis. However, in most cases, our behaviours and our choices are the culprit of illness , chronic pain and a feeling of disconnection and lack of energy. 

Our coaching will investigate the areas of your life that are currently a source of stress and how it affects your health, performance and how you feel on a daily basis. We will look at your physiology, mindset and language and identify what is preventing you from experiencing more health and wellbeing in your life.

Marcia will work with you and propose small, actionable steps to completely change the way you feel and perform. As a result you will feel more connected to yourself and others, increased sense of self and increased health and wellbeing.

Coaching is ideal for those who are willing to quit the excuses and implement changes to their lifestyle that support longevity and a more happy and engaged life.